Playlist Pump Is A Spotify Playlist Pitching And Playlist Promotion Service. We Work With Curators To Get Music Heard.

The promotion service is specifically designed to secure placements and gain massive exposure through the Spotify digital medium streaming service, helping artists increase their Spotify streams.


The most accurate description of Playlist Pump would be ‘if radio promotion and digital publicity had a love child’. Unlike a radio promotion campaign, securing Spotify playlists depends on many variables such as traction of an artist, brand alignment and the incentives of the curators. We do not simply just pitch the music to curator teams, we work with curators to help create an incentive for both parties.

All submissions will be screened across our team of curators. Once we are confident the artist has play-listing potential we begin a market research plan and identify their key demographic. Over the period of a twelve-week campaign, we will have built traction through a story, creating and identifying a niche market for the artist. Through this process, we work with independent playlists through to high profile branded playlists and finally on to Spotify editorials such as ‘New Music Friday’, ‘Coffee House’ to get the artist included.


Our team works with over 650 Spotify Playlist CURATORS,  each curator may own up to ten playlists or more. Our objective is working with curators to establish brand incentives which is how we get an artist placed on a playlist, whilst at the same time helping the curator increase traffic to their specific playlists.


It's not Just Spotify Playlist PitchingPlaylist Pump is also about helping develop new platforms and working with curators to find brand incentives. We provide playlists curator programs where our aim is to build platforms and help create playlists. Our end goal is about giving artists the opportunity to build a career from Spotify streaming, however we also want to create new platforms for music curators. If you are a music curator looking to join the Playlist Pump family - you can sign up to our 'Curator Program' HERE


Through Playlist promotion services we strive to increase an artist's overall return on investment through their music.  We work with managers, labels, and independent music artists to make sure all their releases have the best possible chance of launching their career and creating a sustainable income. Success on Spotify also provides the raw data that many agencies and major labels will look at, often high Spotify playlist placements will result in a record deal or publishing contract for many artists.


If you are an artist looking for a Playlist Promotion Campaign then please fill out the form below. Please note: Once your meeting is scheduled, make sure you fill in the follow-up form with whether you are a manager, artist, label or agency. This will affect who you meet with and we want to make sure we are prepared.

Our team listens to every submission that comes through, therefore we do apologise for any delay in response. If you are wanting an immedient response, please feel free to email someone at our team at

Looking forward to helping you meet your music goals!

Playlist Pump Team




We understand if your busy and just want some information, so we have prepared a number of ways you can connect and get all the info you need to see if Playlist Pump will work for you.

Playlist Pump Q&A Group

We looked through our emails and noticed a huge trend on what questions people have and the info they need. How many streams will I get? Can I do a payment plan? What can I expect? If your question isn’t already answered in our FAQ sheet, then please join our PRIVATE Q&A FACEBOOK GROUP

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If you have a private question, regarding your campaign or you are looking at possibly doing a campaign and want feedback on some select questions. Then please feel free to send us an email at Please keep in mind, we do recommend you set a consultation so that we can better understand your needs, however, if you email us we will get back to you as soon as we can!