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We work with Soo Many Curators

We work with so many curators that we stopped keeping count. Instead, choosing to focus our attention on our objective of establishing incentives for both the curators and artists:

Curators – increase traffic to their playlist, and Artists – being placed on a playlist with tons of listens

Culminating into who we are and what we offer. At our core, we are a public relations company!



#1 in Music PR

Social Media PR

Social media has become essential for cultivating a loyal and engaged fan base for artists. We leverage our extensive networks on both Instagram and Tik Tok to expose your content to tens of millions of new potential fans.

Music Video PR

YouTube is the world’s premier video platform and has been for 15 years. We can promote your video on YouTube or we can take it into the real world with our hundreds of retail outlets. Imagine your video in the gym, Footlocker, hotels, casinos and more.

Blog PR

A good write up never hurt anyone. We have relationships with dozens and dozens of blogs across a wide range of genres. If you’re looking to get a write up, you found the right company.

Streaming PR

Streaming runs the music world now. And for up and coming artists, we run streaming. We have a range of solutions and playlists to get your song heard all over the world.

Playlist Pump Is A Playlist Pitching And Playlist Promotion Service. We Work With Curators To Get Music Heard.

The promotion service is specifically designed to secure placements and gain massive exposure through digital streaming services, helping artists increase their online streams.

How Does a Campaign Work?

The most accurate description of Playlist Pump would be ‘if radio promotion and digital publicity had a love child’. Unlike a radio promotion campaign, securing playlists depends on many variables such as traction of an artist, brand alignment and the incentives to the curators. We do not simply just pitch the music to curator teams, we work with curators to help create an incentive that works for both parties.

All submissions are screened across our team of curators. Once we are confident the artist has play-listing potential we begin a market research plan and identify their key demographic. This is the beginning of what we define as the big fish in little pond campaigns. That is we use our unique ability to gain market penetration in niche spaces and then amplify the results via publications. Through this process, we work with everyone from independent playlists to high profile branded playlists and even to music streaming editorials.

Increasing Value

We strive to increase an artist’s overall valuation. We work with managers, labels, and independent music artists to make sure every release has the chance of going viral, launching a career, and for the lucky few both. Success on playlists provides the raw data that many agencies and major labels look for when determining who to sign next. High profile playlist placements have often resulted in a record deal or publishing contract for today’s top artists.

Set Up a Free Consultation

If you are an artist looking for a Playlist Promotion Campaign then please fill out the form below. Please note: Once your meeting is scheduled, make sure you fill in the follow-up form with whether you are a manager, artist, label or agency. This will affect who you meet with and we want to make sure we are prepared.

Our team listens to every submission that comes through, therefore we do apologize for any delay in response. If you are wanting an immediate response, please feel free to email someone at our team at info@


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