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Whether you have just started on your path in music curation, creating playlists on Spotify and finding new music for your friends or even if you have thousands of followers and looking to make a career out of music curation – we have an opportunity for you. So keep reading.

The core of Playlist Pump is ‘Brand Incentives’.

What does this mean? Everything we do relies on the interest of both parties, in this case – the artist and the curator. Simple.

Now the artist has a huge incentive as they get their music placed on the curated playlist, boosting their online streams and drastically increasing their Spotify KPI’s – but what about the curators? What’s an incentive for them?

Introducing Playlist Pump ‘SHOUT OUTS’.

Shout Out is a program we have developed that focuses on using curated music playlists as a tool for social media growth, increasing an online fan-base and overall scaling of the curators brand. We want to help music curators grow in what they do so they can keep doing it.

Do we have your attention? Your welcome to just move on and sign up for our ‘Shout Out’ curator program here: Otherwise we are going to go in more detail with an example:

Quick hypothetical scenario: 

Let’s say you’re a music curator. What does this mean? You find music you love and show others who will love it too.

Now let’s say that you have really gotten a knack for this music curation thing. Every artist you recommend to your friends, they immediately fall in love with, so much so that every week you post a new album you’re enjoying on Facebook and people go buy it! Your opinion matters and it feels amazing. After a few weeks, your following grows as new people begin hitting you up on Facebook and asking for recommendations. Surely there is a way you can scale this…maybe even earn a living from it?

Hyped on your new career goal of being a music curator, you set up a Facebook page, create an online blog and begin writing reviews. There is some traction there….but the majority of the time its crickets. So what do you do? How can you grow this?

Spotify Playlists is key. Creating curated music playlists will not only help you discover new music but also help you scale your brand and heavily increase online traction – but how?


You add an artist to your playlist, as a thank you, they give you a huge shout out across their Facebook and Instagram – telling everyone:

“Thanks heaps for the add on your playlist! You can catch my new track here:”

This artist has 1,500k followers on Facebook and within a few days of adding them to your playlist, their fans start commenting on your other write ups. This same process happens with about 20 other artists you add to various playlists throughout the week.

Your Facebook page goes from 200 likes with barely any reach to over 1000k likes with regular engagement! Not only that but the insights show people interacting with your blog. People are sharing your articles and engaging with your content!