Independent Artist

Playlist Pump 

Independent artists have long been enticed by a myriad of offers from ‘services’ which promise to gain them exposure, radio play, fame and much more.

The truth? Nothing could be further from the truth.

There has been an amazing shift in the way artists receive exposure these days. It used to be, get signed to a label and they would pay (payola) a few radio station programme pluggers to gain radio spins on top programmes, as well as hiring a good publisher and ‘presto’, instant exposure! However, it cost big bucks and the Record Label would sign the artist to a 360 degree contract, taking a lion’s share of all the takings (shows, dial tones, merchandise, mechanical royalties and more) simply to recoup their costs and then plunge past cost neutrality and into PROFIT! Did the successful artist see that profit realised into their own bank accounts? Well at around 7% yes, but then, that was the old days.

Now things have changed. Where the old adage was ‘it only takes the tens to get to the millions’, now it’s more like you need ‘the millions to get to the tens’. In other words, in days long gone, 10 good radio stations and magazines could expose a Record Label backed artist to millions of fans. Now the Record Labels are scrambling to gain the same exposure and making big losses attempting old style payola tactics to get their artist exposed to his or her grass roots audience.

So whats the alternative? There are so many scams out there promising the world and handing you two pages from an atlas! Fake radio exposure, digital radio pluggers where nobody is listening, fake competitions, seemingly great ‘strategies’ which take up all of your time and deliver poor results! So what can I do as an independent artist, or a record label to gain the exposure necessary to build the artist’s career into something that actually makes a profit…..?

Enter Playlist Pump!

Imagine, in this totally transformed world of music where the listener is so amazingly empowered to pick and chose from literally millions of artists that they (the listener) are simply so overwhelmed they would rather trust a handful of amazing individuals to ‘pick’ a playlist for them based on that ‘individuals’ tastes…? That individual in our world is called a Curator, or someone with such in depth knowledge of certain styles of music that would be listeners simply trust that Curator to bring them the best of the genre(s) they love and simply subscribe to that Curator’s ‘Playlist’, spinning up any new track that is added to the specific Curator’s playlist and instantly becoming a fan of those newly added artists because this amazing mechanism has connected the music lover to an artist via a powerful Curator playlist!

…Playlist Pump does what?

WE connect you to the Curator! We are in direct contact with over 250 Spotify playlist Curators who will then add YOU to their playlist exposing you to their entire subscribed audience(up to millions of fans). This is concise, grass roots exposure literally plugs an artist into the most relevant and possibly the best fan base they would ever dream to have their music played to……..

Talk to us at PlayList Pump and we will empower you and your career.