We are Spotify Promotion Strategists

We Are a Playlist Promotion Agency, Specialising in Streaming Platforms Such as Spotify.

For us, it all comes back to playlists. Why? Playlists are where the fans are. It’s about finding engaged grassroots fans and catching them while they are highly involved then introducing them to something new. That is how you get results.

There has never been a better time to be in the music business. Billboard magazine has reported that due to online streaming, the music industry is beginning to enter a new age and progress, with an estimated 18.3 million subscribers to online music generating more 8.1% more revenue in the first six months of 2016 compared to the previous year. Our mission is about helping pioneer artists, managers and labels into this new music industry model.

Music Marketers and Digital Specialists for Spotify promotion

Most people, particularly in music, do not consider the decision-making process a listener goes through when choosing a song. For example – how marketers of large brands use strategies to influence consumers picking their brand at a grocery store! So we do likewise for Spotify….the largest grocery store of music (can we coin that?). Analogies aside, our job is about locating these highly involved and enthusiastic fans who will stream, save and even buy your music. We do that by locating them for you and getting you on their playlists.

We Are Media Builder, Buyers, Influencers and Growers

Our model is about finding synergies and cross-promotion opportunities between artists and curators. What we mean by this is that if you’re just looking for someone to simply beg curators to place a song then we ain’t it. Our business isn’t just built on relationships, it’s built on incentives. We are the people behind that curator’s online success, the team helping them scale their music platform, growing their playlists and actually making a career out of their channel. That is how we work, we benefit the curator just as much as we benefit the artist and that is how we get placements and that is why we can confidently guarantee a quality service for our clients.

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