Australian-based creative agency and record label Upside Music‘s co-founder and Branding director Adam Lucerne has developed a playlist pitching service alongside 400 Spotify playlist curators as well assisting those curators increase their exposure and followers.

Adam Lucerne

Playlist Pump gives independent artists, labels and managers the opportunity to gain massive exposure for their artists, much like commercial radio used to in the old days. However, unlike commercial radio and that nasty payola which exchanged hands in return for spins on popular shows or peak play times, Spotify Streaming Playlists take advantage of digital streaming and create new ways for artists to get their music heard.

“We have taken the concept of pitching to Spotify playlists to a whole new level,” said Wilson Olegasegarem, Co-Founder and one of the Directors of Upside Music.



Combining digital PR, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing strategies and with access to over 250 well known curators across playlists – we have developed a systematic approach to provide artists with the same opportunities they would only get if signed to a major label, or paid large sums of money to Publishers and additional professional advertising agencies.

Playlist Pump also focuses on working with curators, bloggers and music fanatics to develop new playlists and platforms to share their favourite music. Upside Music is already working with many labels, both Australian and international.

It’s not just artists who benefit from Spotify streaming, it’s the curators, music lovers and the average person who simply creates a new Spotify account and is looking for fresh new music. We create more opportunities for music lovers to showcase their favourite music and actually make a living from this by helping them build their brand and platform, working closely with them to increase their following and supplying them with the best new music available.

Major labels are frequently pitching tracks to Spotify playlists to dramatically increase online streaming, however, recently it has been reported that this practise was not always in the best interests of the listener! At PlayList Pump we in no way engage in any form of Payola, instead we work with the artist increasing their chance of getting onto a large curator playlist therefore assuring them of real grass roots listeners and potential lifetime followers.

Spotify announced that one in six people in Australia use their service, Billboard magazine has reported that due to online streaming, the music industry is beginning to enter a new age and progress, with an estimated 18.3 million subscribers to online music generating more 8.1% more revenue in the first six months of 2016 compared to the previous year.

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