We have a direct relationship with Curators of Spotify Playlists. We pitch your music to;

B List Playlists

These Lists begin to tell the story of a song, even though the follower count of these playlists may be lower than that of Branded Playlists, the subscribers are loyal and more likely to listen to the entirety of the song. Spotify algorithms pick up on songs which are played right through!

A List Playlists

Massively influential Playlists which are curated by individual Spotify accounts and have followers of 10,000+ like Songpickr and Indie-mono. Once we have pitched our artists to B List Curators we begin to touch base with the A Listers.

Branded Playlists

Curated by Major Record Labels, typically FILTR (Sony), DIGSTER (Universal), TOPSIFY (Warner), once we have pitched you through B Lists and A Lists your chances of being added to a Branded Playlist improve dramatically.

Spotify Playlists

The Holy Grail of Playlists and featured on the ‘Browse’ tab in Spotify. Playlists like Rap Caviar, Mood Booster and New Music Friday. Having gotten you pitched to B, A & Branded Playlists, and with your spin count significantly increasing, both Spotify Playlist Curators and Spotify’s own algorithms are more likely to include your music on their list.

Are you a Curator?

Do you have a playlist with over 1000 followers? Are your followers engaged and adding your artists to their playlists? Why not contact us and lets collaborate and help both our artists and your playlist(s) traction within Spotify.